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Preservation Hall

The average visitor to New Orleans is ignorant-of or unfamiliar about Preservation Hall.   Many are shocked at the few seats and no air conditioning. The line starts 1 hour prior to show time. Preservation Hall -- Line  Be early if you want a seat!  It is hard to describe the feeling, the aurora, the momentary regression backwards-in-time into history that you acquire. It can’t occur by listening to a CD.   You must be there. 

Adjacent to Pat Obriens -- Preservation Hall - New Orleans - MAP
726 St. Peter Street, 70116

Preservation Hall is a “must-see” for any visitor to New Orleans. Among the jazz lovers who flock to the place are young musicians from all over the world who come to learn how to play New Orleans Jazz - music that will live through these disciples when the great originators now playing are gone. Today, you don’t need to travel to New Orleans to hear this unforgettable music. The Preservation Hall Band spends about four months each year on tour. Mecca for those who love traditional Dixieland jazz. Step back in time, with simple respect for the music. Food and drinks are not served and seating is sparse. Get in line early or expect to stand. The old-timers take requests, but you don't need to ask for Saints come Marchin'

 Preservation Hall

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Pralines in New Orleans

Louisiana culture began long before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Signs of Spanish and French rule are apparent in the state's architecture, cuisine & lingo. New Orleans features many attractions.. Check out a jazz combo while you visit the French Quarter or go for a riverboat ride on the Mississippi. While New Orleans will give you a taste of Cajun Country, you can get a full helping nearby on a swamp tour in the bayou. First driven out of France and then Canada before settling in Louisiana, the Cajuns have produced memorable cuisine: Dig into a bowl of gumbo or Cajun Catfish!

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